On Naked Melania: Oh, What A Tangled Web Ted Cruz Has Woven (Sigh…)

The following is a commentary by MMM editor Karen Colasinski.


So, how do these nasty players do anything but cause unnecessary pain and heartache??? They’re going to keep pushing the envelope and force Trump, his campaign and supporters to protect their own. Tragically, it will be HEIDI CRUZ & her LOVED ONES that will be hurt!

1. Ad comes out with Melania Trump in what (I would call) a beautiful, professional pose from before she was married to Donald.


2. It’s put out by “Make America Awesome” Pac which doesn’t even have 300 Likes as of tonight.https://www.facebook.com/makeamericaawesome/

3. The treasurer of “Make America Awesome” is a guy named Chris Marston. Marston is a pot stirring eGOP guy – he was on the leadership team for McCain in 2008. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/…/mccain_unveils_virginia_…

4. He has quite the DC insider history and was forced abruptly to leave Cuccinelli Campaign in 2013. http://thinkprogress.org/…/cuccinelli-treasurer-slap-hilla…/

5. They have a whopping less than $21K and spent only about $6K. Seriously??? That ad only cost $6K??? I want to see the freaking invoice and check. Who paid from who and to who and how much?http://www.opensecrets.org/pacs/lookup2.php?strID=C00594176

6. And does it connect to Ted Cruz? Koch Bros. Chris Marston. Feel free to decide for yourself. I would say yes.

-Karen Colasinski, Editor @ MMM


Ted Cruz Tells Rita Cosby That Donald Trump Will NOT Win The GOP Nomination – Listen For Yourself

It’s highly annoying when people refuse to believe something just because they wish it wasn’t so. Like some Ted Cruz supporters (they want him to be the President, or they want him to serve as Donald Trump’s VP) who, upon reading our recent commentary Oh Yes, We’re “Going There”: Ted Cruz Pronounces Trump Won’t Win The GOP Nomination – Does His Confidence Come From His Possibly Being A Stealth Candidate For Those Sneaky Globalists? , began writing and tweeting us that we here at Media Mass Deception are secretly commie liberals and other “unmentionable” things, and that we are lying, and “Ted Cruz never said any such thing!” Wanna bet? Listen for yourself. – Don Light @Pros4Trump

Ted Cruz Tells Rita Cosby That Donald Trump Will NOT Win The GOP Nomination – Listen For Yourself

Oh Yes, We’re “Going There”: Ted Cruz Pronounces Trump Won’t Win The GOP Nomination – Does His Confidence Come From His Possibly Being A Stealth Candidate For Those Sneaky Globalists?

Written by Karen Colasinski for Media Mass Deception


GOP Candidate Ted Cruz seems to be making an initial move against Donald Trump as of this week (see Ted Cruz Sees Donald Trump’s Fan Base Coming His Way. To hear what Cruz said about Trump not winning, go here: https://soundcloud.com/wabc-rita-cosby/ted-cruz-interviewed-by-wabc-radio-host-rita-cosby-100815). I know there are many Cruz supporters. I don’t happen to be one of them. I hope those of you who are thinking a Trump/Cruz ticket might consider this compilation of Cruz info. It feels to me that Cruz is committing his own form of Taqiyya by acting the Constitutionalist while being a stealth candidate for the globalists. (Interesting to note that, unlike most conservative candidates, Ted Cruz was FOR Obamatrade / TPA / until recently, before suddenly reneging his support. Hmmmm…  http://bit.ly/1N5K8UH)

His wife, Heidi, was a managing director for Goldman Sachs until 2011 and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The same Goldman Sachs that’s entrenched in nearly all things financial, including causes of the Bush’s and Clinton’s. And that includes the George Soros’ “Center for American Progress” – Read ‘A Pit of Vipers; also, his wife’ http://politi.co/1VLcJWB

If Heidi Cruz has had a change of heart about any of the activities of these associations she should AT LEAST have the integrity and courage to address the public’s concerns. And Ted Cruz needs to DENOUNCE every single element of support he’s given in the past to ANYTHING turning the US into a “part of a North American Union”. Read more about Heidi Cruz’s globalist connections, here: http://www.wnd.com/2015/03/ted-cruz-again-battles-globalist-charge-against-wife/ and Ted Cruz’s excuses about it all here: http://www.politico.com/blogs/ben-smith/2011/10/a-pit-of-vipers-also-his-wife-040327

That said – why the hell is a SUPER PAC tied to HIM giving FIORINA $500K?!

And then there’s the issue of eligibility. Sigh. I KNOW it needs to work its way openly through the legal system like wasn’t allowed with Obama. But BOTH Cruz and Obama were born to American mothers and NON-American fathers. Obama’s would’ve stayed here at least for awhile had his school visa renewal not been rejected and he had to go home. Cruz’s dad didn’t bother to become a US citizen until 2005.

Doesn’t that make both Cruz and Obama “anchor babies”?

Legal scholars have different views of the Constitutional intent but any related court cases that have set precedent refer to PARENTS in the plural. My point mainly is that IF Cruz were to be even a VP candidate what kind of chaos could be caused if it’s not settled? Does anyone think for a minute the Dems are going to have heard the hollering about Obama all these years but let a GOP candidate get a free pass on it?

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