Get A Load Of The Latest Faux News Poll Declaring ‘The Donald’ A Dud: WHAT A JOKE!

Commentary by Karen Colasinski, MMD Editor:



Donald Trump has more of a lead in delegates (60% of what he needs) compared to Hillary (51% of what she needs). FAUX NEWS and any other “enemy” of Trump will skew numbers. If they’re going to do it the least they could do is make it believable. Kasich??? PLEASE. He’s got 19% nationally to Trump’s 43%. And we can’t just type into search engines, “national match-ups Trump and Hillary”, because the liberal and anti-Trump sites come up on the first pages. Trump’s not even the nominee yet and he’s within the margin of error to beat Hillary – think of what that really says. A woman entrenched so deeply in American politics she probably says, “Not that I recall” in her sleep against a first time in politics guy…who is boldly shattering the “PC” eggs of the elitists and globalists. But on March 20th Reuters rolling poll with 1,722 respondents had Hillary at 36.9% and Trump at 35%. And there’s another 28.1% to work with (who undoubtedly already know Hillary). Before he’s nominated or campaigning against her. FAUX NEWS either needs to take in their shingle or call themselves what they are…corporate-owned voices of people who do NOT want Trump in the Oval. But as Trump says, he’s a closer.

-Karen Colasinski, MMD

Faux News Poll – What A Joke!

Reuters Poll: Now, Back To Reality…


Note To Deceptive Media: Time.Com Results Expose Your Lies And The Faulty Polls You Promote: Donald Trump Won CNN Debate By A LANDSLIDE!

I mean, really, at this point, what is there to say? Congratulations, Donald J. Trump. You killed it.  -Don Light @Pros4Trump


Looks Like Somebody’s Lying: IBD/TIPP Polls Trump Low, But Poor Methodology Used – So Why Is The New York Times Promoting This Crappy Data?

Written by Karen Colasinski for Media Mass Deception


So here we go again. Despite robust national polls and Poll Convergences repeatedly showing that Donald Trump has all but clinched the GOP nomination, and could very well win the General Election in 2016 (this week 25% of Blacks polled said they would vote for Trump over Hillary or Bernie; Asians choose Trump over any other candidate as well – see my posts on this yesterday), deceptive mainstream media continues to promote polls that use poor methodology, then shove the suspect data repeatedly down the American public’s throat.
Bearing in mind that OF COURSE there are going to be ups and downs in the polls with more than a year to go and depending on issues brought to the table, including when and how each candidate handles them. Carson had a very good week after he confronted the “Muslim” issue. I don’t begrudge him that. However, it’s the (intentionally?) deceptive and misleading I despise. I’m one of those people who wants to win fair and clean. Don’t freaking cheat!

This time the suspect poll is from IBD/TIPP – polling 377 registered GOP or GOP “leaners” between 9/26-10/1/15. It says, “The nationwide survey found that 24% of Republicans back Carson, compared with 17% who say they support Trump.” 377 people – and IBD/TIPP allows cell phone numbers – how accurate do we really think this poll was?

They brag that the NY Times says they were the most accurate polls the last three elections. Really?

Well, let’s take a little closer look at that claim for the last two election cycles (for brevity). They were ranked #15 in 2008 by Fordham University – these are accuracy stats AFTER the fact. The top four that year were Rasmussen; Pew, YouGov/Polimetrix and Harris Interactive:…/the-list-which-presidential-polls-…/

In 2012 Fordham University ranked for accuracy after the fact: PPP, Daily Kos/SEIU/PPP, YouGov, and Ipsos/Reuters. IBD/TIPP ranked #10.…

#15. #10. That doesn’t sound like the “most accurate” to me. Rather, it looks like somebody’s lying. And it’s why, especially for this election, I am combing polls and looking at who, where, when, how many, and methodologies and THEN results. (Karen Colasinski)

Donald Trump Falls: Ben Carson Surges To Lead In Poll

Megyn Kelly – WRONG AGAIN – Blacks and Asians Prefer Trump, Too – Not Just “Uneducated Whites” – THHHHHHPPPPPT!

So, Megyn Kelly over at Fox blathered and “opined” that “only uneducated white males” like Donald Trump. Well, Megyn – Blacks and Asians apparently like Trump, too – Along with leftie (former) liberal professors – like me! (thhhhhhppppppt) – Don Light @Pros4Trump


Donald Trump Is *NOT* “Falling In The National Polls: Dem-Leaning ‘Public Policy Polling’ Shows He’s GAINED 5 Points Since Last PPP Poll August 6th

SHARE THIS POST with anyone who says Trump is falling in the national / general polls. It’s a load of crap, based on skewed data. PPP (Public Policy Polling) is a robust, Democratic-leaning National / General poll and Trump is still in the lead – In fact, he is polling five points HIGHER than in August when PPP polled after the first debate! Media continues to misrepresent Trump and his status in the polls. WHY?

*****The Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) released a new survey from Iowa this week in which Trump polled at 24 percent — a 5-point rise over his showing in PPP’s previous poll of the Hawkeye State in the immediate aftermath of the first GOP debate on Aug. 6.

Full Article: Media Thumps Trump But Polls Show He Is Winning Big

The New York Times Promotes Data Suggesting Trump / Sanders Are #3 Presidential Picks – Check The Methodology, Seem Sketchy To You?

By Don Light  @Pros4Trump

“I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore, Toto”. Welcome to George Orwell’s ‘1984’, Dorothy. Check this out: The New York Times is promoting the idea that anti-Establishment candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are the #3 Presidential picks in their respective parties for the 2016 Presidential race; trouble is, this assertion is based on EXTREMELY sketchy data. See for yourself via link, below. For example, one of the categories they are using to pick the “winner” of the Presidential race is “money raised”. Now we all know that Trump is funding his own campaign, so of course, he comes in dead last in this particular category behind all the other GOP candidates, at #12, which causes him to plummet below other, lesser candidates. Who cares that he is #1 in the Iowa and N.H. polls?

Seems to me like this is just another example of the MSM doing all they can to promote candidates on both sides of the aisle who will ensure “business as usual” continues in DC if elected to the Presidency in 2016 (Hillary Clinton / Jeb Bush). Notice that this same shady methodology places Bernie Sanders under BIDEN (who they describe as “unannounced”). To present the information in this way appears to be yet another attempt on mainstream media’s part to mislead the public with faulty methodology by illustrating Trump and Sanders supposed #3 positions as Presidential candidates. Or perhaps even deliberate manipulation of data in an attempt to promote the idea that Trump / Sanders cannot possibly win their respective party nominations or the general election in 2016. Or both. Or, perhaps something even worse: The deliberate dissemination of Propaganda coordinated carefully by Establishment media designed to control the masses and ensure that anti-Establishment candidates like Trump and Sanders do not become the next POTUS in 2016. Ya think?

-Don Light / Founder of MMD

****Who’s Winning the Presidential Campaign? History suggests that each party’s eventual nominee will emerge from 2015 in one of the top two or three positions, as measured by endorsements, fund-raising and polling….[see below link for the full story.]

BREAKING NEWS- POLL FRAUD – NBC interviews 59 people to give Carson Lead!


“It’s pretty pathetic when NBC reduces its integrity to zero in order to show a poll that can boost their darling of the week clean up to the top claiming a neck to neck competitive edge against Trump. In this case it was Ben Carson…”