Get A Load Of The Latest Faux News Poll Declaring ‘The Donald’ A Dud: WHAT A JOKE!

Commentary by Karen Colasinski, MMD Editor:



Donald Trump has more of a lead in delegates (60% of what he needs) compared to Hillary (51% of what she needs). FAUX NEWS and any other “enemy” of Trump will skew numbers. If they’re going to do it the least they could do is make it believable. Kasich??? PLEASE. He’s got 19% nationally to Trump’s 43%. And we can’t just type into search engines, “national match-ups Trump and Hillary”, because the liberal and anti-Trump sites come up on the first pages. Trump’s not even the nominee yet and he’s within the margin of error to beat Hillary – think of what that really says. A woman entrenched so deeply in American politics she probably says, “Not that I recall” in her sleep against a first time in politics guy…who is boldly shattering the “PC” eggs of the elitists and globalists. But on March 20th Reuters rolling poll with 1,722 respondents had Hillary at 36.9% and Trump at 35%. And there’s another 28.1% to work with (who undoubtedly already know Hillary). Before he’s nominated or campaigning against her. FAUX NEWS either needs to take in their shingle or call themselves what they are…corporate-owned voices of people who do NOT want Trump in the Oval. But as Trump says, he’s a closer.

-Karen Colasinski, MMD

Faux News Poll – What A Joke!

Reuters Poll: Now, Back To Reality…


Finally, Some Media Integrity: The Untruth About Donald Trump (listen…)

This is so worth the hour to listen to. Stefan Molyneux presents Trump’s candidacy, with main issues highlighted and bookended, from start to date in a clear, accurate and (to me) very entertaining way. Highly recommend for anyone wanting to refresh or discover the truth or to share with those who do. -Karen Colasinski / Editor MMM

The UNTRUTH About Donald Trump

Why Donald Trump Struck “The Perfect Chord” With U.S. Citizens When He Dared To Bring Up The Price We REALLY Pay For Illegal Immigration

By Karen Colasinski for Media Mass Deception

An Original Commentary on the Cost of Illegal Immigration

(Refer to following link to see how the cost of illegal immigration is affecting your pocketbook based on the state you reside in:


COMMENTARY: And we wonder why Donald Trump hit the perfect chord when he broached this subject first?

If you live outside the Southwestern US be assured that as the resources dry up in these states the illegals WILL come to yours and likely have started already.

Why? Wouldn’t you come to America if you knew their officials forced the citizens – who are already some of the most charitable givers in the world – to share yet more of their money and quality of life without your putting forth the efforts they do? Why work as a bellman or waitress at a resort in Cabo or as a shift supervisor on a construction site in Belize while in America they hand you benefits for the signing AND for the many babies you create without the efforts to perform those jobs?

Are you okay that an AMERICAN in Bismarck, Barstow, Bozeman, or Boston works as a line cook in a restaurant earning a modest living on his way to chef de cuisine or owning his own restaurant but an ILLEGAL ALIEN from Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, or Argentina should be allowed to come here, coddled and given a boost up via hand-outs?

Think it’s a “lie”? Then you’re only listening to the media, political class or the missionaries who have been to the poorest sectors of other countries (while they may not realize we have pockets of same right here in the USA). You are buying the mantra that “poor people come here to work hard to make a better life for their families”. But you need to ask the people who know the TRUTH of it and LIVE WITH IT every day.

Just try to find a photo journalist honest enough to drive by our banks, emergency rooms, school playgrounds, civic centers, parks, and H&R Blocks at tax time where there are $10’s of $1,000’s in “Earned Income Credit” distributed and show you the FACTS. Find someone to say on the record that grocery store management is told to STAND DOWN while the Mexican gangstas walk out the doors with carts full of meat, beer and other goodies right in FRONT OF THEM.

Have you LOOKED at the photos of the people coming here to “escape their lives of severity”? Have you noted the new Nikes, designer jeans, cell phones in hand, bling and fresh hair cuts? The national unemployment rate in Mexico in August 2015 was 4.7%. Population just under 120M.

America’s unemployment rate in September 2015 was 5.1%. Population more than 321M.

Do. The. Math.

Most distressing for many of us who reside in the state of California is that the legislators, officers and governor charged with SERVING the residents of this state who are American citizens have all but abandoned their duties to work for us of ALL races, creeds, ages, and both genders. They have repeatedly ignored our calls to HONOR our laws and the Constitution. And these are COMPLICIT – law enforcement, education, healthcare, judicial, employment, and social services – networks.

They ALL know it’s going on. They ALL know that legally these people should have been/should be deported and yet they continue to allow the REST OF US to pay for those of other nations for everything from surgeries to daycare; incarceration to interpreters; and (by PURCHASING Social Security #’s) to TAKE JOBS Americans WANT and NEED.

Always remember that the operative word is ILLEGAL.

Yet, WHO will help to stop it? The government employees who dare to speak up or try have either been punished or drummed out of their jobs. Much of the reason there’s such a disparity between state and federal government and private sector worker’s pay is because, like CA is “buying votes” through the “Motor Voter” law, bureaucracy “buys the silence” of their staffs by paying them more than they can make elsewhere.…

(Note that local government workers earn about equal or sometimes less than private counterparts in their regions. The PROBLEMS start as control goes to bureaucrats vs. local oversight.) – Karen Colasinski

Ted Cruz Tells Rita Cosby That Donald Trump Will NOT Win The GOP Nomination – Listen For Yourself

It’s highly annoying when people refuse to believe something just because they wish it wasn’t so. Like some Ted Cruz supporters (they want him to be the President, or they want him to serve as Donald Trump’s VP) who, upon reading our recent commentary Oh Yes, We’re “Going There”: Ted Cruz Pronounces Trump Won’t Win The GOP Nomination – Does His Confidence Come From His Possibly Being A Stealth Candidate For Those Sneaky Globalists? , began writing and tweeting us that we here at Media Mass Deception are secretly commie liberals and other “unmentionable” things, and that we are lying, and “Ted Cruz never said any such thing!” Wanna bet? Listen for yourself. – Don Light @Pros4Trump

Ted Cruz Tells Rita Cosby That Donald Trump Will NOT Win The GOP Nomination – Listen For Yourself

Trump’s Secret – He’s One of Us

Sharyl Attkisson Takes on Sunday News Shows With ‘Full Measure’ – Donald Trump Will Appear Soon…


New show. Sunday Mornings. Sharyl Attkisson has a proven record of going against the grain of established media and Washington elite networks and aiming straight for accountability… Trump to make an appearance. (Karen Colasinski)

Read more here:

Sharyl Attkisson Takes on Sunday News Shows With ‘Full Measure’

Oh Yes, We’re “Going There”: Ted Cruz Pronounces Trump Won’t Win The GOP Nomination – Does His Confidence Come From His Possibly Being A Stealth Candidate For Those Sneaky Globalists?

Written by Karen Colasinski for Media Mass Deception


GOP Candidate Ted Cruz seems to be making an initial move against Donald Trump as of this week (see Ted Cruz Sees Donald Trump’s Fan Base Coming His Way. To hear what Cruz said about Trump not winning, go here: I know there are many Cruz supporters. I don’t happen to be one of them. I hope those of you who are thinking a Trump/Cruz ticket might consider this compilation of Cruz info. It feels to me that Cruz is committing his own form of Taqiyya by acting the Constitutionalist while being a stealth candidate for the globalists. (Interesting to note that, unlike most conservative candidates, Ted Cruz was FOR Obamatrade / TPA / until recently, before suddenly reneging his support. Hmmmm…

His wife, Heidi, was a managing director for Goldman Sachs until 2011 and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. The same Goldman Sachs that’s entrenched in nearly all things financial, including causes of the Bush’s and Clinton’s. And that includes the George Soros’ “Center for American Progress” – Read ‘A Pit of Vipers; also, his wife’

If Heidi Cruz has had a change of heart about any of the activities of these associations she should AT LEAST have the integrity and courage to address the public’s concerns. And Ted Cruz needs to DENOUNCE every single element of support he’s given in the past to ANYTHING turning the US into a “part of a North American Union”. Read more about Heidi Cruz’s globalist connections, here: and Ted Cruz’s excuses about it all here:

That said – why the hell is a SUPER PAC tied to HIM giving FIORINA $500K?!

And then there’s the issue of eligibility. Sigh. I KNOW it needs to work its way openly through the legal system like wasn’t allowed with Obama. But BOTH Cruz and Obama were born to American mothers and NON-American fathers. Obama’s would’ve stayed here at least for awhile had his school visa renewal not been rejected and he had to go home. Cruz’s dad didn’t bother to become a US citizen until 2005.

Doesn’t that make both Cruz and Obama “anchor babies”?

Legal scholars have different views of the Constitutional intent but any related court cases that have set precedent refer to PARENTS in the plural. My point mainly is that IF Cruz were to be even a VP candidate what kind of chaos could be caused if it’s not settled? Does anyone think for a minute the Dems are going to have heard the hollering about Obama all these years but let a GOP candidate get a free pass on it?

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Don’t look at Goldman Sachs map unless you have a pot of coffee ready or a bottle of something: