‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’: An Original Commentary On George Soros, Elizabeth Warren, & Oprah

The below is a commentary by MMM Editor Karen Colasinski, originally posted on ‘Progressives For Donald Trump‘.

I have thought from the beginning that should Hillary’s health or campaign falter badly, or she be indicted – FINALLY – for whatever crimes she may have committed, there would be a “place saver” in the wings. I think that place saver is Elizabeth Warren. I may be wrong. But just in case…

Elizabeth Warren. A woman who steps on the backs of other women and takes their time, money and energy claiming to be their advocate, activist and best hope to improve the quality of their lives like a used car saleswoman. In my opinion, as does Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren shoves an agenda onto the “sheep-le” who fall for the rhetoric and don’t look beyond it to the facts or potential long term consequences – all the while feeding bottomless pits of need to build themselves up.

I think the best example to help people understand the gargantuan con games these kinds of pretentious and hypocritical women pull on their own gender is Oprah. She spent decades “fishing the waters” of middle class women – the demographics of her followers were similar to the nation’s, so the vast majority of those buying her books, watching her shows, paying for tickets to see her movies, subscribing to her magazines, and listening to her advice – i.e. making her one of the richest and most powerful women in the world…were white. Then a half black man was elected POTUS and her “true nature” was revealed in her uncontainable glee – race over gender, country and audience.

Effectively, in my eyes, Oprah betrayed all those middle class white women who put Oprah, the person, ahead of race and who gave her an open door into their hearts and minds until it became clear that she was a woman who’d resented “white people” for a very, very long time and (much like I see the current POTUS) had a “fire in the belly to show the world no matter what it took”. A sick paradigm to live by. Perhaps understandable. Sick, nonetheless. It’s also understandable that someone who has gone through a great loss – divorce, bankruptcy, death of a child, etc. – would self-medicate with alcohol or other drugs. That doesn’t make resultant addictions any less devastating.

There’s a reason I went into that much detail. When I research and follow various people down various paths it always seems to be the same names that crop up, belong to the same “secret societies” or front groups and cross one another’s paths at critical, multiple junctures. Their mindsets and goals are the same – do whatever it takes to keep a tight grip on their power, control and wealth.

Another person whose life has reflected such a sick paradigm is George Soros. A Jewish teenager, instructed by his father to pretend he was Christian during Hitler’s reign. While pretending to be Christian he helped put fellow Jews on trains that everyone knew were transporting them to the camps to be tortured and/or murdered. George Soros in his own words admitted he accompanied the soldiers back through the homes of people they’d put on those trains and looted their possessions.

The most remarkable testament to how sick Soros is, comes from a 1998 CBS “60 Minutes” interview where he insisted he doesn’t feel guilt for any of it. Again. Perhaps understandable. In order to survive, he may have had to suppress or cast away any sense of guilt. Understandable makes him no less dangerous or his chaotic neuroses less devastating to those he harms. And for the rest of his life the pursuits of George Soros have demonstrated an overriding need to dominate, manipulate and in real ways try to “own the world”.

Because he is such a key player on this stage of other dysfunctional adults, it’s important for us to know who he has supported over the years. Certainly Hillary and Obama. As far as Oprah – probably the most telling hint is that she, as Soros, was among the first 100 “important people” to visit the White House after Obama took office in 2009.

And Soros backed Elizabeth Warren. In fact, his Move On. org was her second highest donor.

She spoke at a conference in 2010 where Soros was also a guest speaker.

Like Soros, Elizabeth Warren also lied about “who she was” and even plagiarized recipes while fueling the pretense that she was part Cherokee. The woman pretends to be of “like mind and heart with the poor folk” when in reality she is among the wealthiest of all who were potentially making a bid for the White House this cycle. Both she and her husband, Bruce Mann, are Harvard Law Professors.

As well, her daughter, Amelia Warren Tyagi, is the founder and chairwoman of the progressive think tank, Demos. (Second link below. If you read nothing else, PLEASE look that information over.) Their Board of Trustees and funders show a revealing tapestry of names familiar to many of us: “The Demos board of trustees features such luminaries as Van Jones and Gina Glantz, along with high-ranking officials from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, the National Council of La Raza, and several other left-wing organizations. One of Demos’ founding board members in 2000 was then-Illinois state senator Barack Obama.”

“Demos has received financial support from a number of major donors, including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, the Nathan Cummings Foundation, the Open Society Institute, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and the Rockefeller Family Fund.”

Bear in mind that what I have here is simply the tip of an iceberg. What I found in a couple hours.

We NEED to be ready to counter Elizabeth Warren should she burst onto the scene as a candidate for POTUS because I will guarantee you there is a backlog of women salivating for a “first female” POTUS who won’t look one inch deeper on their own than whatever sickeningly sweet speeches she gives. The first link below tracks her path and gives us solid ground to help educate others quickly. (KC)









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