The End Of White America? (And Are We All Racists For Standing By Our Traditional Values?)

images.jpgYOUR OPINION, PLEASE: Okay, I’d like to hear from all of you on this matter: I have a friend in England who is being called a racist for supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy over here (England is reportedly quite ‘anti-Trump’ these days, in case you haven’t heard). Meanwhile, every country in Western Europe is having it’s cultural traditions and values decimated via large swathes of the Muslim immigrant population that refuses to assimilate into the country they have re-located to (often by choice, not by necessity). And this is why, in my opinion, Trump is so very popular as a candidate today here in the United States. Every ethnicity in this country has the support of the Left when demanding it’s individual, unique cultural values and heritage be respected – EXCEPT those individuals who are descended from Western-European immigrants who identify with the founding principles of the United States (Caucasian-Americans primarily, to be specific). So, basically, if we use the rationale being employed by the Left (liberal Left, especially), and the people attacking my friend’s support of Trump over in England that results in Trump (and my friend) being deemed a ‘racist’, (i.e., the fact they are supporting and identifying with their own long-standing, preferred cultural values and traditions), then this makes every ethnic group in this country that demands their traditions and cultural heritage be recognized, honored, and respected ‘racist’ as well – If we are to use this same pathway of deductive reasoning. This puts the traditional-values based White-American in a classic Catch-22 or “double-bind” (specifically, the White-American who also demands their traditional values and cultural heritage be respected is automatically labelled a ‘racist’ and vilified by the Left) – And psychological double-binds of this kind are proven clinically to cause people to feel very frustrated, powerless, helpless, and angry. Trump presents a possible way out of the double-bind for such people. And as ‘such people’ are still the “Silent Majority” in this country (albeit not for long), he presents to many White, traditional-values based voters as being the last thread binding us to the traditional heritage White-Americans have identified with for centuries. I am open to hearing dissenting views on my opinion. It is my opinion only.

-Don Light

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