Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Grammarly, For Creating Meaningless Data Based On Poor Methodologies Now Used By Media To Trash Trump & His Supporters

By Karen Colasinski for Media Mass Deception


[Excerpt]: “Democratic candidate Lincoln Chafee’s commenters make the fewest mistakes, 3.1 per 100 words, though the overall sample size is much, much smaller (about 9,800 fans for Chafee vs. more than 3.9 million for Trump).”

That is THE single most desperate criticism I’ve ever heard in my life! Trump’s supporters punch out hundreds of thousands of words – a day. Chafee’s probably do a pristine 1,000. That app also counts things like our “haha”, “hehe”, OMG, lol, lmao, and other “coded” expressions that maybe Chafee’s whopping fan base of 9,800 don’t use compared to Trump’s nearly 4,000,000. If they are THIS pathetic already can you imagine what we’re in for a year from now??? (Karen)

You can read this piece of junk being promoted by people like Megyn Kelly at Fox, here:

You’ll Never Guess Which 2016 Candidate’s Facebook Fans Have the Worst Grammar


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