IS THIS A HIT LIST? Huffington Post (Germany) Publishes NAMES and PHOTOS of People Who Oppose Migrant Invasion on Social Media

IS THIS A HIT LIST FROM HUFFINGTON POST GERMANY? (Original Names/Photos of people opposing Migrant Invasion published in “The Huffington Post”, Germany, 8/16/15. Pamela Geller brought the story to our attention 10/01/15 – Don Light)

(Note: Don’t miss the article linked both here and at the end of our commentary: Neoliberal Brainwashing: Journalism in the Service of the Powerful Few, to better understand the dangerous games Neoliberal media outlets are playing.)

So this is getting really scary. There really is no other way to put it. It now appears we have a media organization bent on committing an insidious form of domestic terrorism by way of the pathetic pseudo-news source, The Huffintgon “Huffy” Post, led by the walking , talking, garishly lipsticked and high-heeled Vanity Plate Arianna Huffington, founder of this “glorified blog“.

Arianna’s chronic and obvious Neoliberal agenda (click link to see Arianna discussed on “ that seeks to “shame and destroy” anyone who does not align with her views (e.g., The “Huffy” Post preeningly announced that their coverage of Trump would be relegated to the “‘Entertainment’ section only” for the duration of his campaign) is laid bare for all to see in this most recent, potentially lethal escapade: Publishing what for all intensive purposes reads as a “hit list” of those on social media who have publicly opposed the reality of “Migrant Invasion”. Need we say more?

It is blazingly evident in this latest self-righteous stab at the exercising of freedom of speech and thought (remember, the Neoliberals gave us “politically correct speech”, resulting in an Orwellian nightmare of twenty-somethings “Occupying” everything – minus common sense) and berating anyone on social media who dares not worship at the alter of “sewer socialist” Bernie Sanders or “unapologetic grandma” Hillary Clinton, that Arianna and her gang of Neoliberals will stop at nothing to ensure that Arianna’s personal ideology, for better or for worse, reigns supreme within the tentacled-mass of blabber her “glorified bloggers” churn out.

Whoever is responsible for what in fact may end up being the crime of exposing people on social media who think differently than “Huffy” Post cult leader Arianna Huffington and her pseudo-journalistic Gang-Without-Conscience should be called out, and fast, by EVERYONE in mainstream and alternative media, but all I hear at the time of this writing is crickets…

– Don Light, with Karen Colasinski for Media Mass Deception

HIT LIST: Huffington Post Publishes NAMES and PHOTOS of People Who Oppose Migrant Invasion on Social Media


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