By Don Light @Pros4Trump

Progressives For Donald Trump / Facebook

As a former University professor immersed in the world of Academia, I am a relatively relentless researcher. And so it was that a few months back (not long after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for the 2016 Presidential race) that I stumbled upon the following article with the rather alarming title ‘ISIS & Drug Cartels to Kill 90% of Americans‘. Expecting to discover a conspiracy-theory ridden, paranoid-driven, sensationalistic piece of psuedo-journalistsic crap, I began to read this supposed alarming expose, suitably armed with a vast amount of healthy ‘progressive’ skepticism (and a stiff drink).

Half way through the article, I determined that the information being imparted was reasonably convincing. Given such, I  had no choice but to ask myself if Donald Trump had possibly gained access to this same “intel” on ISIS as related to the Mexican Cartel and the threat the United States’ unsecured southern border possibly poses to our nations nine key (power grid) substations. If so, could this be why he focused on securing our nation’s borders so forcefully early on in his GOP candidacy campaign via forcefully pronouncing “We’re going to build a wall” should he become our next President? Given I don’t know Trump personally, I cannot possibly know, but if it were me that were running for President, I am certain I would be saying the same thing. How about you?

-Don Light / Founder, Media Mass Deception

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