On Donald Trump and the Polls: Let’s Look Behind The “Tent Flaps” To Find The Truth…

I don’t know which I detest more – the groups that commission polls from organizations they know will cooperate in getting the kinds of results they’re after; the organizations that are reckless and/or deliberately complicit in manipulating the polls by filtering who they ask what, where and when; or the media outlets that carry the water to the masses under the pretense they’re “reporting” fair numbers all the while knowing they’re not. Sickening – and the reason it is absolutely vital that we look behind the “tent flaps” of polls if we’re trying to find the truth.

Note below the WSJ/NBC, Bloomberg & Quinnipiac polls:

“The WSJ/NBC poll which showed Carson in a virtual dead heat with Trump but also noted that the small sample size of that survey (only 230 likely GOP voters) called into question just how much those results could be trusted.”

“While this poll [USA Today/Suffolk University released 9/30/15] also had a relatively small sample of only 380 likely Republican voters, with a margin of error of 5 percent, it seems more in line with the other recent Bloomberg and Quinnipiac national polls, which showed Trump with leads of 5 and 8 points, respectively.”


NOW look at the 5-Day rolling polls of Reuters – with 2 days still to go in this week’s rolling with NO filters except people asked must be 18 and over – and so far 765 people answered the question, “If the Republican presidential primary came down to these candidates, for whom would you vote?” 33.1% Trump; 23.8% Wouldn’t Vote; 23.3% Ben Carson; and 19.7% Jeb Bush.

Ta. Da.

(Karen Colasinski for ‘Media Mass Deception #MediaMassDeception)



4 thoughts on “On Donald Trump and the Polls: Let’s Look Behind The “Tent Flaps” To Find The Truth…

  1. I Bind up Satan in the name of Jesus away from our future President Donald Trump, the man himself, God will bless Him, and Curse all Liars in the name of Jesus Christ, in the U.S. God Bless all of Us Christians, The famine is in the word of God. He is on Our side, in God We trust. Amen God Bless America! We will sing the song of Moses!

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