Did GOP Candidate Dr. Ben Carson Buy Some Of Those Facebook Page ‘Likes’ After The Second Debate?

By Don Light @Pros4Trump

A member on my Facebook page, ‘Progressives For Donald Trump‘, brought the following to my attention: Dr. Ben Carson SUDDENLY has over 4 million ‘likes’ on his official Facebook page following the 2nd GOP debate – putting him ahead of Donald Trump in the ‘likes’ department. Now I’ve been tracking Donald Trump’s ‘likes’ over at his Facebook page for months, and as high-flying in the polls as he is, he has gotten about 80K – 100K likes a week on average, without any huge variances, indicating that he is probably earning his ‘likes’ the honest way – from actual human beings clicking the ‘like’  button. I haven’t been tracking Carson’s page, but people I know who do tell me his total ‘likes’ have increased DRAMATICALLY, seemingly overnight, following the 2nd debate.

I do know that you can buy ‘likes’ for a page on Facebook (something I refuse to do, btw), and I suspect that this is what may have happened. The “official” story is that Carson did such a fantastic job at the 2nd debate (personally, I thought he was a complete dud) that he garnered 500,000 new ‘likes’ nearly immediately, as well as one million dollars “in small donations” (story here). Oh really? If you just read the same story I linked to, then you also read what I read here:

[Excerpt]: “Apparently voters also picked up on Carson’s apathy during the debate. A sampling of Republican voters from Iowa who watched the debate told The New York Times that his demeanor and general lack of fire during the marathon session made him look weak.

“Carson’s demeanor is beginning to make him look weak,” Mary Whisenand, an insurance executive in Des Moines told the Times. “It isn’t that I think every presidential candidate needs to get out there and do hellfire and brimstone, but the optics are starting to work against him… Others, like John Wills, an Army veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan who said he was thinking of campaigning for Carson said he changed his mind because of Carson’s response on how he would have responded to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.”

So, viewers and potential voters saw Carson as “weak” and apathetic during the debate, viewers and voters who changed their minds and decided not to vote for him, are somehow the same viewers and voters who cast 500,000 ‘likes’ his way on Facebook following his dismal, lackluster performance against Trump and the other candidates present? Somehow it all seems kinda fishy to me.

I’d like to know, were any of these ‘likes’ bought by Carson and his team? Not that this is wrong, by any means, because, of course, Carson, et al, have every right to buy ‘likes’ from Facebook – who is happy to sell them – but now he is suddenly more ‘liked’ than Donald Trump on Facebook, and the mainstream media is making an oh-so-big deal about it. Yes, as you can guess, the media is writing about Carson’s “passing Trump in ‘likes'” in a most gleeful fashion, proclaiming that Donald Trump must be on the way down. ‘Say it enough, and it will eventually be true and/or come to pass’, seems to be the mainstream media’s modus operandi when it comes to “reporting” on Donald Trump. Of course, there is also the possibility that the dramatic increase in Carson’s ‘likes’ was obtained in a different way.  As a friend said to me when we were discussing this tonight, “A comment by Thomas L. Williams Jr. says that “every time you like, then unlike, then like again it counts. So if you do 5 likes and 5 dislikes it counts as 5 likes.” Can we not have an honest, all-out contest??? Sigh.” (Karen Colasinski)

     Why am I bothering to write about what may seem like a relatively minor thing? Because I believe that what might seem like a frivolous issue (number of Facebook ‘likes’) is anything but, given it seems obvious to me and many other people on social media that the GOP Establishment is increasingly bent on promoting Carson (a politically inexperienced, confirmed Creationist, retired neurosurgeon) since even before the second debate, and are possibly manipulating all forms of media, including social media, to further their agenda of getting a candidate into the Oval that they can control and influence. And so I and a few others I know are wondering: Did Carson pay for those ‘likes’? -Don Light


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