Confessions of a Reformed Neoliberal: On Neoliberal Brainwashing – Journalism in the Service of the Powerful Few

By Don Light @Pros4Trump

Progressives For Donald Trump on Facebook

One of the reasons I created this site is to redeem myself, in a sense. Why? Because for several years I was a professor teaching at an extremely liberal university; therefore I feel some responsibility for the Frankensteinian/Orwellian Monster that people like me helped create via the (for want of a better word) “brainwashing” of the young adults attending our university, resulting in our being able to “innoculate”, or “co-op” them into our collectively preferred Neoliberal Reality. And because I taught on Diversity Awareness and Cross-Cultural Sensitivity, I was perhaps (inadvertantly) one of the biggest culprits in regard to the promotion of “Political Correctness” prior to awakening from my PC / Neoliberal trance a few years ago, quitting my job, and taking refuge on my ranch. And so at times I will share articles like the one attached below, so as to educate my readers as to what is actually “going on” in the Neoliberal Journalism world at the most insidious levels.

In a way, just as Trump knows what the very wealthy are getting away with in regard to taxes and such due to his own tremendous accumulation of financial wealth and assets, I know what is happening on the (Neo)liberal side, since I used to be a very progressive Neoliberal. Today I consider myself to be a progressive Centrist, which is how I see Donald Trump, i.e., I support common sense policies that benefit the greatest number of people, no matter which side of the party lines such policies end up falling on. Never forget that the Neoliberal agenda is allegedly fueled in part by very wealthy people (like Soros, many Bilderbergers, etc) who want to see a global economy / one world order manifest in their lifetimes. And Trump is threatening to topple over these carefully laid out plans, conceived of decades ago, via his openly speaking against NAFTA – he would break it -, Obamatrade, etc. Is it any wonder that those seeking ultimate control and power over the masses are shaking in their boots? I do encourage you all to read and share the article, below: It is important.

On Neoliberal Brainwashing: Journalism in the Service of the Powerful Few


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