Megyn Kelly: Failing To Uphold Fox Networks Own Oath To Be “Fair And Balanced And Unafraid”

Great article on yet another (supposed) “newsperson” pushing their own point of view versus being impartial and fair. Worth taking the time to read. Link to full article, below: – Don Light @Pros4Trump

[Excerpt]: According to a number of conservatives who support Trump or at least hope for a true political outsider to run against the likely Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, Kelly has been exposed pushing her own point of view, rather than being an impartial newswoman. If anything, she failed to uphold Fox’s oath to be “fair and balanced and unafraid.”

“The Donald” — as his friends like to call him — employed some of a political playbook for defeating opponents advocated by his former, longtime aide, GOP campaign strategist Roger Stone. He developed over the years what he calls “Stone’s Rules.”

While Stone may have helped Trump in his battle against Megyn Kelly and Fox News, even though Stone is often billed “a Fox News contributor.”

“You have to be blind and deaf not to notice that Fox News Channel’s so-called conservatives, such as Washington icon George Will, are anti-Trump. They almost sound as if they’re going to cry that someone like Jeb Bush or Scott Walker are destined to not be the GOP’s presidential gladiator to go up against the likes of Hillary Clinton,” said national-security policy writer George O’Malley. “Hillary is a political animal who is capable of lying faster than an opponent can respond. The GOP needs someone who is capable of knocking her off her stride during a debate,” he said. “That someone is Donald Trump, who has repeatedly said he’s against “politically-correct crap.”


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