A commentary written by Karen Colasinski 

I spent most of an hour (time out of my life that I will NOT give to CBS or 60 Minutes again) FURIOUS at the continued insistence of the poor excuses for journalists in a media that cannot seem to grasp the concept of adult decorum when interviewing people of remarkable achievements and stature – whether they like them or not – mistakenly believing for some reason that they will not suffer the loss of ratings and ensuing wrath that CAN and WILL cost them their jobs.

Charlie Rose acted like a smug Inspector Clouseau while interviewing Putin – condescending on some fronts and as if they were frat brothers on others. Rose is a freaking INTERVIEWER.

Scott Pelley treated Trump with similar smug disdain regarding some subjects and as if he was a DA prosecuting a case on others. Pelley also is a freaking INTERVIEWER.

The way these guys act you’d think they were about to be made Kings or something. Just DO YOUR DAMN JOBS!

Do these people not understand we don’t care what THEY think? We want them to ask serious, respectful questions and allow their GUESTS to answer. GUESTS being the operative word.

I treat the homeless guy who lives in the bushes with his grocery cart down our street with much more dignity than these jacka$$es treated the leader of Russia and potential POTUS! I miss Andy Rooney. –Karen Colasinski


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