Donald Trump and the TPA / Obamatrade Agreement: Is This Why Media Moguls And The GOP Elite Want To Take Him Down?

-Written by Karen Colasinski, Editor

Twitter: @Pros4Trump

The accelerator is being pushed on trade agreement legislation because the majority of our politicians cannot afford without a fight to allow Trump to get into the Oval and ruin their playhouse. Please bear in mind that while the media is gleefully milling in herds talking about the Pope’s controversial visit and Trump’s feud with Fox our dirty, cheating, lying, destructive, greedy, narcissistic politicians are giving away our sovereignty! Just reading the information and processing can be overwhelming. Feel free to give opinions, clarify and/or simplify where you see opportunities. I’m sick at heart over it. They take over 20% of our economy with the pretense of fixing healthcare. They refuse to secure our borders. They keep passing laws and legislating from the benches directly against the wishes of the vast majority of the public. They try to disarm the people. The media continues to tell lies – either by omission, embellishment or outright. There’s not a doubt left in me that Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” has been the playbook of the far left since the 1970’s. No wonder Hillary Clinton lauds Alinsky – her and her Bilderberg buddies on BOTH sides of the aisle have been massaging these issues toward their ends for five decades.

Issues that are extremely important to the balance of world power and move a massive amount of control of our futures toward that “One World Order” the globalists so desperately drool over. I’m excerpting quotes from an article at the first link included below. For anyone who wants to see details of “how the sausage was made”, by who and when feel free to read the whole thing. As well, there is a link to Marco Rubio’s casting the DECIDING VOTE yesterday that will send the Trade Promotion Authority Bill (TPA) to Obama’s desk this week.

The TPA will fast-track at least three highly secretive trade deals that Obama has been negotiating for years. There is also a link with video and commentary how there is more AMNESTY hidden in these bills. As we’ve been saying here and among other groups – the old guard is pushing the pedal to the floor before they die or risk turning over the keys to what they see as THEIR kingdom to the likes of Trump and the peons (that would be us) they detest so deeply. TPA = Trade Promotion Authority – “The TPA would grant the President the authority to enter into trade agreements with foreign nations. It includes a list of negotiating objectives which these trade agreements should work towards. To maintain Congressional oversight, it would mandate that during the process of trade negotiations the United States Trade Representative (USTR) must meet with and provide access to classified or important documents at the request of any Member of Congress. The USTR would also be required to consult with any member of Congress that chooses to be designated a Congressional Adviser on Trade Policy and Negotiations.” BUT WITHOUT READING THEY DON’T KNOW IF THERE ARE OVERSIGHT MANDATES!!!! TAA = Trade Adjustment Assistance – “While considering whether to fast-track the final deals, Congress also considered … TAA. Trade adjustment assistance was initially created in the Trade Act of 1974 to provide benefits for workers and firms that have been negatively affected by trade agreements. It granted benefits such as job search and training assistance and monetary compensation. The new TAA would drop certain programs and grant more state control over job training assistance. It would also extend and reform the Health Coverage Tax Credit, which would assist workers qualified for TAA with healthcare costs.” NOTICE HOW THEY’RE SEWING UP LOOSE ENDS ON HEALTHCARE – LIKELY TO FORCE STATES THAT DIDN’T PARTICIPATE TO COME TO THE TABLE. LINK TO THE Trade Act of 1974 at the end of this post. TPA fast tracks TPP and TTIP.

The Senate even fast-tracked TPA itself. This is what “The Atlantic” said about the TPA and TAA: “Trade Promotion Authority and Trade Adjustment Assistance … have always been a package deal in Congress. Republicans support TPA because it leads to new trade agreements, while Democrats accept TAA as a consolation prize, because it mitigates the effect of outsourcing.” TPP = Trans Pacific Partnership and TTIP = Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership – “The United States is currently negotiating two major trade deals. The Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, is a deal being negotiated between 11 countries around the Pacific Rim (including us). These countries are seeking a new trade deal because of China’s obstructionism since joining the World Trade Organization in 2001. The TPP is a deal to establish free trade between the member countries, which proponents believe will strengthen our economy. But the deal is being negotiated in secret, and watchdogs like Public Citizen are concerned the TPP will bind the United States in areas outside of conventional trade, including the regulation of financial markets and even free speech. The U.S. is simultaneously negotiating the Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the European Union. This deal is also being negotiated in secret.”

I am all for being good team players regarding trade around the globe but so far, Trump is spot on re. America. We give and give but we are being stripped of what is precious and extraordinary about us. It’s the “in secret” that bothers me most followed immediately by WHO is getting to do the negotiating. As well, this doesn’t even touch NAFTA or the North American Union. We need Trump and his team.

–Karen Colasinski, Editor, PFDT…/how-congress-voted-on-trade-afb8b44388……/…/video-exposed-m…/


*Note: Author of below text in image unknown – we are currently researching to either support or deny. -DL



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