Are Donald Trump’s National Polling Statistics Being Deliberately Skewed In An Attempt To Manipulate Public Perception?

Written by Karen Colasinski · Editor
September 26, 2015
     Yet another important reminder of how very critical it is to look underneath the headlines to the sources and what it is that the sociopolitical ruling elite “Establishment” (mainstream media included) are really carving up and trying to pass off to John and Jane Q. Public as top grade meat to feed us:
     Gallup put out some garbled mess of an op-ed, “pseudo poll” on 9/25/15 with numbers on a rolling scale where they used different dates for different candidates to show % of name recognition and positive image. For Trump it was the 7 days following the 2nd debate. But for Carson, Bush and Fiorina it was for TWO weeks. Yeah, that’s real fair. But for Trump to point things out when they are unfair is… Whining? Thin-skinned?
     So, apparently, Donald Trump not only has to answer more questions, in more detail, and in just the right tone; he also gets polled statistically in a different manner also – in ways obviously designed to knock him out of the race, or at the very least, convince the public that ¨Trump has peaked and is sinking in the polls¨. It doesn’t even say how many were polled – only that it was Republicans over 21. They say “Trump’s positive image continues to fade” and Newsmax headlines reflected same. Besides noting that Newsmax has hit heavily in positive for Carson and Fiorina, I see also this one from Gallup’s Frank Newport isn’t his first negative op-ed on Trump (scroll down on page to see). Gallup! HOW can they put this convoluted stuff out there and even PRETEND to be impartial???
    Well, they really can’t make that claim. They have a lobby firm: Blackwell Sanders Peper Martin. Oops. Another of their clients? Sands Las Vegas. Sheldon Adelson. Chairman and CEO. Same one who recently said he wasn’t supporting Trump (but he’s supported many eGOP candidates with 10’s of millions over the years).
     And by the way…the front runner for Adelson’s money so far? Marco Rubio. You better believe that RUBIO is a bought and paid for candidate that people need to wake up to as quickly as possible. Trump may know the inside ballgame and feels free to call Rubio the clown he is but the rest of the people don’t know and need to. The Muckety map for Gallup has plenty more to explore for those who want. And the next link is about the meeting Adelson took with Rubio. However, remember that Adelson is also still looking down the barrel of money scheme trouble in the courts so all this could backfire on the eGOP.
It was Romney that “got the meeting” in 2012. –Karen Colasinski

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